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Building High Performance Team

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Three key characteristics of High Performance Team building was observed during our session with senior professionals were  ENCOURAGEMENT, COMMUNICATION, TRUST.

We ensured Team members are coached regularly by us. Team Leader were encouraged on ongoing basis by giving clear direction by using clear communication.  This leads to building trust with in team. Usually its has been observed Leaders have to cross the journey of their  POTENTIAL TEAM to REAL TEAM to HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM, just by three step:

1- Encourage your team member to identify there skill set

2- Communicate what you as leader expect from your team member and

3- Trust your team and your own action.

and Then see High Performance in your team. If you looking for training session for your team contact,

Anubha WaScreen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.56.43 amlia Founder of Prism Trainings and Consultancy is International Trainer in Leadership, Change Management, Quality Program and Facilitator
r to GenX&Y. Her views can be seen in, you can visit ad can contact her at

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We are prolific Human Process Interventionist having certified Facilitator, Trainers and OD Consultant @ Prism Trainings & Consultancy having 5yrs years of professional experience across OD, Learning Consultant, Corporate Trainings, Professional development Leadership and Followership with Recipient of Emerging HRD thinker award (Gold Medalist). Contact us at

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