The greatest reason why people do not see their goals through to completion is perhaps counterintuitive: They fail to set them high enough from the outset. When people set targets thinking, “I would be happy if I just…” they immediately limit the amount of success they seek and consequently the effort and actions they take to attain and maintain it. People have been encouraged to set “realistic” goals or for that matter “SMART” goals for themselves under the premise that setting goals too high will trigger consistent failure, subsequent disappointment, and ultimately disillusionment with future goal setting. However, what is considered “realistic” is based on what others, most of whom operate at very low levels of action, have achieved and deemed possible. People and organizations routinely set goals below their potential because they have been encouraged and educated to limit their aspirations.

Setting  goals means creating goals that will command attention and generate excitement. Average goals cannot fuel actions because there is very little satisfaction when they are attained. People should begin by doing two things:

(1) writing down their goals every day and

(2) choosing goals that are just out of reach. When writing down goals, they should be phrased as though they have already been accomplished. For instance, I (Anubha) myself write goals like this: “I own Trophy for best research work on Followership.” “I have written and published 50 or more research paper.” “My marriage is alive with my partner whom I love the most and traveled widely and seen all 7 wonders of the world with him and a positive model for others.” “I own a beautiful home in Delhi that has no debt.”

When people set goals, they must remain aware that how they have been raised and educated, and the people who surround them, can restrict the types of goals they set. The key is to set goals that seem unimaginable and unreasonable. Successful people commit to big goals first, and then figure out the details later. For instance, should saving $100 million be a goal? No one needs $100 million, but setting that type of goal will help a person push through the inevitable resistance of getting closer to it. If that goal is aligned with another goal, such as increasing philanthropic contributions, then it will fuel that much more action.

Anubha’s Tip for Goal setting: So guys write down your goals today, you will find world supporting you to achieve your goals

Regards   Anubha Walia

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