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 Speakers that follow the best practices for effective e-mails will ensure that they get the attention and response they deserve. In order to compose effective e-mails, people must:

* Begin with a clear, meaningful subject line.

* Keep messages short; the rule of thumb is “the shorter the better.”

* Organize content from most important to least important.

* Specifically tell recipients what actions they need to take.

* Number the points and make certain the intent is clear.

* Begin with a courteous personal greeting and end with a courteous close.

* Check for spelling errors.

* Use standard capitalization.

* Skip lines between paragraphs.

* Avoid fancy typefaces and nonstandard fonts.

* Limit e-mails to one subject.

* Mark messages as urgent only when absolutely necessary.

* Use gender-neutral language.

* Avoid fancy vocabulary and the use of emoticons, acronyms, abbreviations, and shorthand language.

* Include a copy of the previous e-mail when sending a reply.

* Avoid sending long documents as e-mail messages; instead, use attachments.

* Send the message only to relevant recipients.

* Use the CC line wisely, and refrain from using Reply to All.

* Be professional.

* Do not send junk e-mail, and do not forward messages without the author’s approval.

* Realize that e-mail correspondence is not private.

Keeping these mind can not only lead to effective communication but can prevent clarity issues, misinterpretation apart from other common workplace problems.


Anubha Walia


Author: prismphilosophy

We are prolific Human Process Interventionist having certified Facilitator, Trainers and OD Consultant @ Prism Trainings & Consultancy having 5yrs years of professional experience across OD, Learning Consultant, Corporate Trainings, Professional development Leadership and Followership with Recipient of Emerging HRD thinker award (Gold Medalist). Contact us at

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