How GENY can be taken care of by GENX

 A strong Generation X leader must also bridge the generational divide. When working with each generation, there are some specific things to consider. To lead Generation Y, Generation X bosses must:

*Communicate with their technologies.

*Address parents as an explicit part of the recruiting strategy.

*Shift performance management to tasks, not time.

*Invest in technology.

*Coach first-line managers on the essentials of managing Generation Y employees.

*Foster knowledge sharing.

*Encourage Boomers to mentor Y’s.

*Challenge Y’s with tasks that require figuring it out.

*Design career paths with frequent, lateral moves.

*Provide world-class learning opportunities in all forms.

When leading Boomers, Generation X leaders must focus on forging strong relationships. To successfully manage Boomers, they must:

*Ask questions.

*Go out of their way to signal that they recognize and respect the positive elements of the way things have been done so far.

*Not worry about convincing Boomers that they have the necessary skills and experience.

*Develop a strong interpersonal relationship through a spirit of mutual approbation.

Leading other members of Generation X also raises considerations. To successfully lead their Generation X counterparts, leaders must:

*Design career paths that broaden career options.

*Give individuals multiple choices and control over their career paths.

*Look for ways to leverage the generation’s entrepreneurial instincts.

*Minimize requests for physical moves that sever social connections.

*Provide family-friendly flexibility.

*Allow individuals opportunities to leave the workforce and then return.

*Invest in technology.
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