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Social Recognition Journey By Anubha Walia

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Recognition extends along a continuum from simple, tactical steps to enterprise-wide initiatives and long-term strategic practices. As organizations progress along this continuum, they engage in a recognition journey.

Recognition is powerful and its benefits increase as initiatives become larger and more strategic. Different levels of recognition have different characteristics:

*Tactical recognition features spot recognition programs that are handled by supervisors on an ad hoc basis.

*Enterprise recognition reaches every part of an organization around the world with a consistent program.

*Strategic recognition puts greater emphasis on culture management, linking recognition with company values and long-term strategic goals.

*With the advent of technology, mobile recognition is also a reality. Employees can recognize their colleagues anywhere, anytime through a secure interface.

The idea behind recognition in the workplace is that employees produce their best results when they are motivated to engage fully with their work.

Begin a successful journey today!


Anubha Walia

Originator of PRISM Philosophy and first lady in India doing research on Followership

Originator of PRISM Philosophy and first lady in India doing research on Followership


Author: prismphilosophy

We are prolific Human Process Interventionist having certified Facilitator, Trainers and OD Consultant @ Prism Trainings & Consultancy having 5yrs years of professional experience across OD, Learning Consultant, Corporate Trainings, Professional development Leadership and Followership with Recipient of Emerging HRD thinker award (Gold Medalist). Contact us at

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