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People make decisions all the time. Many of them are unconscious, or almost automatic. However, those decisions impact their lives in a variety of ways. Even a decision as simple as what time to get up in the morning has an impact.
Decision making takes place in one of two areas of the brain. The Reactive Brain drives the automatic decisions, such as driving a car or avoiding danger. The Thinking Brain drives the more conscious decisions, like many of the decisions people make in their jobs and their personal lives every day.

One of the keys to better decision making in terms of creating a more productive and fulfilled life is to bring intentionality to the process by moving from reactive to thoughtful thinking regarding how to spend time, attention, and energy.




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We are prolific Human Process Interventionist having certified Facilitator, Trainers and OD Consultant @ Prism Trainings & Consultancy having 5yrs years of professional experience across OD, Learning Consultant, Corporate Trainings, Professional development Leadership and Followership with Recipient of Emerging HRD thinker award (Gold Medalist). Contact us at

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