The success secrets decoded

Most successful entrepreneurs share the following key traits:
*Passion: Success comes much more easily to those who enjoy what they are doing. If people do not have passion for their work, it will show in their results.

*Learning: No matter how intelligent they are, people need to be learning new things continually. Entrepreneurs often have a hard time admitting a weakness in any area, but must do so if they are going to grow.

*Going against the grain: Just because something has always been done a certain way does not mean it cannot be improved.

*Growing the bottom line: A business that is not profitable cannot be sustained.

*Teaching: By teaching those around them, good leaders impart their own knowledge about the business and ensure that their ideas will be carried out effectively.

*Creating value: Having a vision is important, but there must be value in order for that vision to come to fruition.

*Being true to oneself: Not all entrepreneurs are meant to be hands-on. Entrepreneurs should understand where their strengths lie, then hire others to manage the rest.

*Taking risks: New, undeveloped niches are where entrepreneurs thrive; such areas can be risky but are where leaders shine if they succeed.

*Measuring progress: Successful entrepreneurs measure all aspects of their companies–including the bottom line, employee turnover, and customer satisfaction–so they see signs of trouble before it is too late to turn things around.

*Integrity: Trustworthy entrepreneurs have significantly more success than those who do not display integrity.

*Making the 2 percent difference: Going above and beyond what is expected helps entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.

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