pphotoAccording to Nadler, the main reason that executives fail in their leadership role is due to their inability to properly build and lead a team. To illustrate this point, the author features Paulette Jones, Director of Technical and Strategic Business Development of NMB Technologies Corporation and a star performer and leader in teamwork and collaboration. She shares 10 Secrets & Current Practices:

1. Start the Day with “An Attitude of Gratitude.” Jones suggests making a mental list of everything that an individual is grateful for and doing this in the morning. Then, arrive at work feeling uplifted.

2. Focused Greeting of People. Jones always greets people by making them feel she is glad to see them and views them as important.

3. Communication. Everyone on her teams is aware of goals and has accurate and up-to-date information at all times. This creates an atmosphere of ownership and common vision.

4. Red Flag Meetings. All team members attend these short meetings daily. Red flags are identified and resources are quickly allocated to address the concerns.

5. Revenue Gap Meetings. These meetings are meant to identify the current revenue for each customer, the individual customer forecast for that month, and any specific actions needed to close the ‘gap’.

6. BAT Team Meetings (Business Acquisition Teams). Each team of four or five members from different departments is assigned a major strategic account and charged with creating a comprehensive profile and specific actions. The intent is give team members who usually do not deal with sales a sense of ownership and a beneficial learning experience.

7. Team Meetings. These meetings are mandatory for all team members and are held twice monthly to foster collaboration and new learning experiences outside the realm of daily work demands.

8. Continual Process Review. Processes across the company and within departments are documented and subject to continual review and refinement. Teams of employees dealing with a particular process are established when a problem is identified and adjustments are needed.

9. Valuing Staff. Jones believes “in the value of each individual on the team.” She makes it a habit to check in with each member of the team on a regular basis to reinforce the fact that she cares and values each member’s efforts.

10. Humor. Humor relieves stress and creates group cohesiveness.

The author asserts that building teams takes a dedicated leader along with discipline, planning, and practice.

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  1. Reviewing the existing processes within an organisation is an effective tool for identification of the existing gaps, using different analysis methods filling the gaps, so that all in the team on the same page of understanding to how to take it further. It also gives the leaders an opportunity to identify each team member’s effort and acknowledging them.


  2. Very gud points illustrated here if Team leaders focus on this productivity of the team can be enhanced and better bonding can be built


  3. Effective teamwork demands setting and communicating clear team objectives. To make sure team-members are working together towards the goals.


  4. 10 secrets are really well articulated. Needless to say if a boss can follow these steps, she can surely become a good leader with a motivated and performing team.


  5. Very much learning article , it is rightly said that if you want to go fast then walk alone but if you want to go far then walk together. Leadership also means to collaborate the team and strengthen the team members to be more constructive and efficient. I highly appreciate the philosophy of PRISM we can learn as much as we can . Thank you very much.


  6. Team building on daily 10 and discussed on-going thought,
    All the decision take within the time frame.
    Always Focus on positive thinking.
    Don’t take ego and learn to every one.
    Share the good or bad experience with team.


  7. Exactly True . All the Points are to be considered and my suggestion is that Leader should also analyse the Strength and weakness of each team member also should have a little update on their Family Background. This would help in building a strong relationship with Team and TEAM Members will also have a Home like feeling to share the SMILEY and SORROWS with Each other so that it may be doubled and Half.


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