Superteam : engagement

A team is comprised of two or more people working together toward a common goal. A SuperTeam goes beyond the performance of ordinary teams to consistently deliver superior outcomes relative to customer expectations. Critically, SuperTeam members do not pursue personal goals or agendas; they are solely focused on achieving success as defined by their customers.

Engagement is a measure of employees’ commitment and how vigorously they apply their talents and energy to the job at hand. High engagement on a team means that members:

*Willingly exceed what is required.

*Are not derailed by challenges and problems.

*Are proactive.

*Hold themselves accountable for results.

*Work collaboratively and synergistically.relationalskills

SuperTeams need TeamWe players. These are people who are engaged not only with their own work, but also with the work of other members. They take responsibility for, provide constructive feedback to, and help one another. They avoid the behaviors of TeamMe players who are selfish, disloyal, and committed only to their own advancement. Some highly engaged people may be superstars, or standouts in terms of talents and efforts, but in order to contribute to SuperTeams they must be willing to focus their attention on the accomplishments of their teams, act as coaches or mentors, and serve as role models for less skilled team members.

Fundamentally, building teams is about building relationships. When team members barely know each other, it is hard for them to be engaged with others’ work. Conversely, personal connections–often created in simple, low-cost ways like holding team pizza parties–lead to the mutual commitment that characterizes SuperTeams.


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